Dev (dev0ted3623) wrote,




1. go to a comedy show
2. see a baby or baby animal be born
3. do a perfect handstand
4. cut someone's hair
5. go to a baseball game
6. go to a professional boxing match
7. cliff dive at lake mead
8. learn to make REALLY good tamales
9. master a sewing machine
10. be able to pick a lock
11. go to the drive-in theatres
12. learn to ride a bike
13. drive stick shift
14. paint art on a canvas
15. be able to play Moonlight Sonata on piano all by memory
16. go to a poetry reading at a coffee shop
17. knit a sweater
18. make a book of 123 of my favorite sayings or quotes
19. learn to crochet
20. save at least 20 dollars a month towards a special occasion
21. go to a sex store and buy something
22. win 20$ on slots
23. help fix up a car
24. have a bonfire
25. spend a night on a beach
26. tan outside topless
27. take a class that keeps me awake at night thinking [not cramming lol]
28. throw/go to an undies only party
29. go skinny dipping
30. be fluent in spanish
31. learn basic sign language
32. get a tarot card reading
33. get another type of pyschic reading
34. bungee jump
35. go to hooters
36. make a yummy, and edible, vegan meal
37. do 50 jigsaw puzzles
38. ride the CAT bus
39. buy something off of ebay
40. buy a handheld solitare game to entertain me whenever.
41. fill a journal with song lyrics/one liners
42. take a picture of something, anything, everyday once i have a dig. camera


43. take my contacts out every night
44. find a religion
45. get something pierced.
46. get brain surgery
47. don't procrastinate. when i get a task to do, do it straightaway.
48. get a manicure
49. become a penpal with another HH patient.
50. mail at least 3 cards to
51. make a video of all the people i love
52. drink only water for a month (30 days)
53. update my scrap booking
54. buy a journal and write in it every day
55. buy a sexy outfit, from head to toe
56. try 7 new, interesting 'positions'.
57. get a tattoo
58. get on birth control
59. buy myself one of the rings of my dreams.
60. study abroad in a foreign country
61. be able to legally drive
62. put all my spare change in a piggy bank daily each month and buy myself something unnessicary
63. work out at least twice a week
64. transfer my favorite x-mas home videos to dvd
65. get a 4.0 for a college semester
66. go through the book of things that make people happy and highlight all my favorites
67. read top 100 "banned books" from 1990 - 2000
68. move in with bob
69. get a professional massage
70. find a way to buy "In a Heartbeat" on dvd/vhs
71. buy a digital camera.


72. visit every state in the US [excluding hawaii. already been there twice]
73. have sex in a different country
74. take a photograph of 10 famous historic places
75. go back to canada
76. go to London


77. visit jenny in california and robin in oregon
78. buy both parents something they really want
79. teach the dog a new trick
80. volunteer to help my niece Ashley do something she really wants to do


81. find a long lost friend
82. send a birthday card to everyone i know [and know their birthday haha] for a year.
83. actually do my best to play 5 sports bob likes
84. take a friend to a Cirque de Soliel show and pay for it


85. leave a note in a book at the library that says "if you liked this book, email me at: ..."
86. get 10 other people to make their own "101 in 1001" lists
87. catch a fish, and let it go
88. pay for a complete stranger's meal
89. donate to a charity monthly
90. give out all the books and clothes and things i don't need to women and childrens shelters
91. do volunteer work
92. help out at a mental hospital
93. adopt a pet
94. do someone else's chores for them (i.e.: grocery shopping, getting gas, etc.)
95. adopt an animal at the zoo
96. spend a christmas eve and a christmas morning helping at a soup kitchen.


97. organize my cd collection
98. buy a planner and actually USE it
99. categorize all my music
100. delete all the music i don't listen to
101. overhaul my bedroom and bathroom once every month
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